Bad intent, good intent

A little while ago I accidentally hurt a wise man. My mouth was faster than my brain. Before I could stop, I had uttered words that were not supposed to be uttered. I excused myself stating that I had no bad intent. That it was an accident. That I meant well. That I was sorry.

The wise man told me: bad things are almost never done out of bad intent. Most people do or utter hurtful things not because they intend to hurt somebody. But out of neglect. Because their emotions get the better of them. Because they do not know better. Because they treat you as they want to be treated – and everybody has different needs. Because of misunderstandings. Because they happen to have a bad day. Because somebody hurt them, and they pass it on – not knowing a better way to handle their emotions. And a thousand more reasons. That are all equally true and valid. Yet, they do not change the outcome.

This said, the wise man bowed, turned around, and left.

He left me standing. Still sorry. With no appropriate, immediate solution. He left me only with this train of thought. And the desire to figure it out. I still have the rest of my live for it. I am eager to learn. Confused but grateful for an opportunity to change for the better.

Until I have figured it out though: I am truly sorry.

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