English Poetry

Creature of the Mind

I am a creature of the mind. One hundred percent entertained, amused, occupied within my own head. Reminiscing. Thinking. Daydreaming. Reading. Writing. Playing with notions. Conversing. Watching and observing. Digesting and forming thoughts and concepts, spitting out new ideas. Making plans and schedules and schemes.

My mind is a safe haven to make order from the chaotic brew that is the world and my thoughts on it. In there I can dream up solutions. Make idea babies. Uninhibited. Free. There are no obstacles ‒except maybe for myself. And I have been learning to deal with myself for a while now.

My mind is a stunning and sometimes outlandish place. Full of belief and doubt, of chaos and rules, of knowledge ‒ both inherent and learnt. Full of twists and turns and corners. Where things jump out that I did not know were there. And also, things I created and then forgot. And of course, endless possibilities.

I am a creature of the mind. Except that I am not. As a human being I am subjected to the trinity of life: mind, body, and soul. And as much as it pains me to say: I need both my body and spirit to fuel what I truly am. A creature of the mind.

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