English Poetry



leaves fall down as gravity takes over. the temperature drops. i, too, feel the desire to lie down. maybe take a nap. preferably ‘til next spring. but the luxury of hibernation seems to be reserved for bears and other furry creatures.

rains fall. their little brother, mist, veils the landscape. and its veil remains lying there. sometimes during the morning hours. sometimes for days on end. the grey mist dampens light, colors, noises.

i feel the moist cold that falls on me and encompasses my body on a daily basis. i do not mind it as much as i used to. I have come to appreciate the regularity that change in nature provides. it is comforting. reassuring. nothing in life is as permanent as change. said heraclitus some 2.500 years ago. still, nothing has changed about the truth in that.

in fall, new textures and colours dominate the world. in nature, in home decor, in fashion. i can finally dig out my boots. my favourite coat. scarfs and hats and blankets and sheepskin cushions. and place some nuts and apples in a pretty bowl on my table.

fall. sweet chestnuts. pumpkin. the smell of baked apple in the oven. cuddling up inside. time for a book, music, the simple joy of spending time with someone you love scooped away from reality for a few hours.


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