On. Immersed. Off.

By 28. September 2018Copywriter, English, poem, poetry

Life is led in three states:

On. Alert. Awake. There. Fully present.

Immersed. Occupied. Busy. On the go.

Off. In meditation. Asleep. Fully relaxed.

Which one, do you spend the most time in? Which one the least? And which one would you profit from spending more – or less – time in?

There is no right or wrong. You are different that I am. You have other needs, focal points. Just think on it. On your personal balance.

Between on, immersed, and off.

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Ich bin Monika und das Gesicht hinter texts by monswap. Als lebenslanger Bücherwurm, gelernte Buchhändlerin und Literaturwissenschaftlerin liebe ich Sprache und das geschriebene Wort. Deswegen lege ich auch in meiner Freizeit selten den Stift aus der Hand.

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