If I could as I would

By 22. Mai 2018Englisch, Gedicht, Poesie

If I could as I would I’d roam the world. Endlessly. Get entangled in it. Linger.

After a while break free to keep on exploring. Always being in the moment. During breathtaking views as well as the small glimpses of real personal happiness and content that are so unexpected yet so welcome that I do not want to let go.

A hunger that might never be stilled. Physically far away from home and still centered and at home with myself. And grateful every moment for being healthy and able and capable of doing what I do.

Always with a smile on my face.

About monswap

Ich bin Monika und das Gesicht hinter texts by monswap. Als lebenslanger Bücherwurm, gelernte Buchhändlerin und Literaturwissenschaftlerin liebe ich Sprache und das geschriebene Wort. Deswegen lege ich auch in meiner Freizeit selten den Stift aus der Hand.

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