Englisch Poesie

Seeing for the most part is not truly seeing

Seeing for the most part is not truly seeing. Every day my eyes are covered by a filter. It is called routine. Determination. Getting from A to B. Not deviating to look left or right. Efficiency equals tunnel vision. But sometimes, though rarely, the shutters go up. Which permits life to get to me. Touch me. Make me wonder and revel and feel alive for a few precious moments. Simply being. Simply…

Actively perceiving and realizing things for the first time. With the shutters of experience drawn up to let the flood of colors and details and emotions rush in. Innocent for one short moment of delight. Seeing through a child’s eyes again. Clapping hands out of sheer joy. Until routine creeps up again. And closes the shutters. Carefully. But steadily.

Truly seeing is a life long struggle. Yet it is like breathing: vital input. Taking a deep breath, it is possible to consciously force those shutters open. Ideally more and more often. Until I can truly live in the present. Ideally? Ideally.

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