Too warm, too busy, too many excuses

By 13. August 2018Englisch, Gedicht, Poesie

Too warm. I like summer. The heatwave hits Europe. And I admit that I now understand the siesta culture in hot countries. I do not want to admit it. even to myself. I do not want to join in the choir of complaints. I love summer. Still my productivity drops. Too warm.

Too busy. A new business. A new job. New love. Travels. There is a lot of commotion in my life right now. And that is exactly how I love it. Being busy. Yet, when I look at all the things I want to do, my list gets longer each day. Despite – or as a result of – being. Too busy.

Too many excuses. My great aunt always told about me: “she finds excuses faster than a mouse can find its hole.” And I agree. Wholeheartedly so. Too many excuses. As a result, this poem leaves me with a resolution: no more excuses. I am busy. Never too busy. It is warm. Never too warm.

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Ich bin Monika und das Gesicht hinter texts by monswap. Als lebenslanger Bücherwurm, gelernte Buchhändlerin und Literaturwissenschaftlerin liebe ich Sprache und das geschriebene Wort. Deswegen lege ich auch in meiner Freizeit selten den Stift aus der Hand.

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