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Wisdom, once gained, is a beautiful thing

Wisdom, once gained, is a beautiful thing. There might be nothing more valuable and worth striving for than wisdom. Although, the process of gaining it is usually less desirable. At least in my experience. Gaining wisdom usually happens during those intense moments. The ones that unbalance me. That sometimes throw me violently out of my way. The way that I had planned. The way I had figured out so perfectly in my head. Yet failed so miserably at the attempt of going through with it. It is those dark moments, cataclysmic experiences which truly hurt. My heart. My pride. My confidence. My beliefs. Maybe even others.

However, those moments not only wring me out. But make me realize something new. Understand. Grow. Become something more. It is wisdom that helps me prove to myself and others: nothing is as bad that I cannot get up again afterwards. There is always one more attempt. Instead of crumbling, my inner self comes out of those experiences a little more solid. Somewhat more precious. Enriched. A little wiser.

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