About me

Why monswap solutions exists – and how it can help you change the world!

Monika Weber von monswap solutions, freie Texterin in München, Augsburg und weltweit, hält sich ihr Logo, eine Sprechblase, vors Gesicht.

monswap – that’s me

Hello! I am Monika, the face behind monswap solutions.

Professionally, I started out as a bookseller’s apprentice from where I went on to pursue a master’s degree in literature and communication ethics all the while working as a buyer’s assistant in the purchasing department of a large industrial company. On the side I did odd copywriting jobs and content marketing projects. Afterwards I went from trainee in a marketing agency on to being the executive assistant to the vice president of a university – until I reached my professional sweet spot as professional copywriter: monswap solutions.

Since I have been 12 years old, the nickname “monswap” adorns my e-mail address, diverse social networks – and now the name of my copywriting business. monswap stands for infinite creativity. solutions refers to the fact that together we will find a solution for your vision. monswap solutions embodies fresh text solutions, a warm and professional collaboration eye-to-eye – and unlimited fun growing together.

(Here you can find more details about my career background.)

Let’s change the world together – one word at a time!

I have always had an ingrained passion for words and texts: I started talking even before I could walk and ended up reading books at such incredible speed that I read out the local library in my German home town at age 13. Solely the original version of Shakespeare’s complete works was left – and that’s how I started dabbling in foreign languages. 2009 I lived and worked in the South of France which added French to my language repertoire. From 2010 on my love for written words led me to study comparative literature and communication ethics in my home town in Augsburg, Germany as well as in Montreal, Canada thus further refining my language skills.

Thanks to a traineeship in the field of international communications and marketing, I added the copywriting and editing of advertorial texts and marketing texts for diverse target groups to the mix: I learned to speak the language of education, real estate, tourism, editing and several others. All that in German, English, and French. During my time at the technical university I wrote – among others – journalistic texts on various scientific and academic topics as well as PR texts and created content for the official homepage.

I love words and the quality of my work literally speaks for itself!

Content marketing – the art of creating desire

Content marketing takes my love for language and interpersonal communication to the next level: By providing (potential) customers with quality content that is relevant for them, it is possible create something truly valuable. Information is vital for their buying decision.

Great content can provide advice, entertain, inform or emotionalize. Depending on how you combine concept, words and imagery with diverse communication media and channels, it is possible to convey a new and unique message. Thus, your spark can ignite a great number of people.

While copywriting, I let my imagination run wild – all the while considering my customers’ target group: SEO optimized content, sophisticated journalistic articles and ad texts or an individual story telling concept for your corporate blog – creativity combined with a solid knowledge of the tools of the trade will result in texts that grip people’s attention.

Three aspects that I am especially passionate about for your texts:

1) Content marketing makes sense for businesses of all sizes. With a little tweak in the right place, small enterprises can highly profit from professionally written texts: They refinance quickly because they satisfy your target group’s needs.

2) International marketing and multilingual copywriting does not require a huge budget. You simply need a professional copywriter who provides intercultural experience and language skills in English and German to convey your message.

3) Honest content marketing is not a contradiction: In the right hands the commercialization of your actual additional values can easily become a real success.