monswap – that’s me

Freelance German copywriter Monika Weber holding a sign that says monswap solutions

Hi! I am Monika, the German SEO copywriter behind monswap solutions.

monswap solutions. Weird name, right? Well, there’s a story to it: in 7th grade my friends and I created the nickname “monswap”: mons is short for Monika, wap for Weber. The kind of thing only 12-year-olds can thinks up… Since then monswap has graced my e-mail address, various social media accounts ‒ and since 2018 it is also the name of my German SEO copywriting business.

monswap stands for me. And I’m practically brimming with ideas for your content strategy. solutions means that there is a SEO content solution for your business ‒ and together we will make it come to life. monswap solutions translates to creative SEO copy, professional collaboration – as well as measurable results.

What Exactly Can I Do for You?

Not enough people visit you website? You lack the know-how to develop a professional (German) Content SEO Strategy yourself? Your business has a blog or newsletter ‒ and simply lack the time to produce quality SEO content on a regular basis? With strategically written content, you and I can grow your business together. In the process, we create real added value for your customers.

Imagination combined with solid know-how results in unique SEO content for your website. Of course, as a German SEO copywriter I always have a strategy in mind while keeping an eye on your target audience. This way your product can reach a multitude of customers online.

A Few Words About Me

Content SEO Consultant, freelance SEO Content Creator, Search Intent wizard, German copywriter, multilingual translator, scribbler, blogger, content marketer, UX writer, editor, proofreader, bookseller, literary scholar.

So many nouns for one single person. You might notice that words are my thing ‒ and have been all my life. Even before I could walk, I already had the gift of the gab. I became such a fast reader that I ran out of books at our local library when I was 13 years old.

That left me with Shakespeare’s complete works in English. Which is how I came to love foreign languages. After my training (as a bookseller no less!) I moved to Montpellier in the South of France for a few months. Here I added French to my repertoire. Next, I pursued my studies (literary studies and communication ethics) in Augsburg, Germany and Montreal, Canada ‒ and my trilingual writing skills flourished.

Once I got my master’s degree, I was already heading towards a career in copywriting. It started with a pinch of experience at an advertising agency in Munich: PR, marketing, copywriting in German and English. Aka the Trinity of Marketing. This was followed by experience as an ad writer, a personal assistant, and a digital project manager in Online Marketing. Here, I already did a lot of SEO copywriting, mostly in German and English, as well as translations here and there.

In 2018, I found my personal piece of bliss working as a freelance German SEO copywriter: my own content SEO company monswap solutions is based in the South of Germany. What connects the dots though? My love for words. I love writing SEO copy and the quality of my work ‒ literally ‒ speaks for itself.

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A Few Words About the Two of Us

  • Let’s make money together! No matter if your business is small, medium or large ‒ it will benefit from a selective use of Content SEO Strategy. What’s more, strategic content from a professional German SEO copywriter will pay off quickly: your German customers will now actually find you on the internet. Boom, your sales will go up.
  • Let’s double your customers! How about adressing your audience with content in English AND German? Conveniently from one single source: me, your German SEO translator. Open up new markets by adding multilingual SEO content.
  • Let’s be honest! In my experience, customers will trust you long term ‒ if you are being honest with them. So, use your SEO copy and UX writing to tell people about your real added value and yourself. Stick to your promises. This will make your customers come back. Over and over again.

monswap stands for crisp German SEO copy. solutions means that I will create a unique SEO Content strategy that will further your business goals. monswap solutions embodies a can-do attitude, strategic creativity, professional collaboration – as well as measurable results.