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Multilingual SEO ‒ How to Attract International Customers Online

You want to reach millions of additional customers with your product? Multilingual Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one way to get there. Once you translate your website, for example, into German and fill it with high-quality SEO content, users in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland will be able to find it. Consider the following aspects before you start expanding your search engine optimization to the German market.

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What exactly is Multilingual SEO?

Multilingual Search Engine Optimization (MSEO) ‒ or multi-language SEO ‒ means that your website is optimized for more than one language.

If you want to address customers e. g. in German-speaking countries, a multilingual website that includes German is a valuable asset. Even on the domestic market your business will benefit from multi-language SEO. For instance, German-speaking customers who live in your country will then also be able to find your products.

How your Company can Benefit from Multilingual Website SEO?

Implementing SEO on multilingual websites makes sense. Especially, if you want to grow your business internationally, expand your existing customer base, and increase your sales. Doing so gives you a strong competitive advantage over monolingual competitors.

With unique SEO content in different languages, you can market your brand, product, or service to a new audience. This raises your business’ visibility and online traffic ‒ regardless of whether it is a company website, a blog, an online store, or a community.

This is How to Approach Multilingual SEO

Multilingual SEO is all about strategy. This is why I always approach bilingual or multilingual SEO projects strategically. (Which is similar to how I proceed with my single-language SEO content projects, btw.)

The Starting Point

Usually, I first send you a comprehensive questionnaire that I tailor to your multilingual SEO project. In it you can answer my questions regarding your business, goals, resources, and expectations.

Next, we meet for a SEO workshop (either via video call or in person). Together with your team, we identify the important topics for each target group and language. This is where I also answer any questions. On this basis, I develop a multilingual SEO content strategy.

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Strategie ist alles – doch ohne eine professionelle Umsetzung kann auch das beste mehrsprachige Content SEO-Projekt nicht erfolgreich ranken.

5 Steps towards a Multi-Language SEO Strategy:

  1. analyzing the current state of multilingual content and SEO
  2. defining vision, mission, and desired outcome
  3. international keyword research
  4. developing a content strategy
  5. defining future steps in a roadmap

Of course, each of these steps is a little more time-consuming and complex in a multilingual SEO project.

Once the strategy is in place, I will be happy to put your multilingual website project into practice for you as German SEO copywriter.

Smart International SEO ‒ What Else you Need to Keep in Mind

Social networking is becoming increasingly important, especially when it comes to business customers. All the better, if you have regular access to multilingual content. Thus, you and your colleagues can share it with your B2B contacts in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland.

By posting multilingual content on social media like LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter, your customers will be able to read it. If these posts are also relevant in terms of content, your network will comment or share them. As a result, multi-language content helps with brand building on an international level.

My advice: remember to have all Open Graph tags translated before sharing multilingual content on social media.

Different culture, different user behavior: Users will only become customers if they can find their way around your website. We want to make sure that everybody has a great user experience (UX) on your website. Which is the reason us multilingual writers often work with a little something called microcopy. After all, the demands on usability and UX writing differ from culture to culture.

Similarly, search intent can vary widely between two different languages. Even within a single language, there are countless ambiguities. (Just think about chips, crisps, and fries.)

Because of this, you (or a multilingual SEO copywriter) should look into the topic of SIO (Search Intent Optimization). This way you will get top rankings for your product not only on and but also on


Opening up new markets with foreign languages through your website is perfectly feasible. However, you need a multilingual SEO content strategy as well as customized content to get there. This way, you know from the very beginning what your target groups in other cultures are looking for. And whether it is better to work with SEO translations or specially created copy.

Related to this topic: In my article “CONTENT STRATEGY FOR SEO ‒ IN 5 1/2 STEPS” you will find more information on SEO content marketing.

Multi-Language Website SEO: How I can help you with it

My work focuses on English- and German-language website projects. As a consultant, I develop bilingual SEO content strategies for international companies day in, day out.

Beyond the conceptual aspect, I am at your disposal when it comes to actually creating multilingual SEO content as well as German SEO translations of your existing content. For this I rely on my extensive international experience as well as on a vast network of native SEO translators.

By the way, if you want us to work together, you can choose English, German, or French as the project language. I am fluent in all three languages.

My services ‒ English and German SEO content

  • multilingual keyword research
  • international SEO content strategy
  • optimization of existing metadata
  • multi-language SEO copywriting
  • SEO translation, SEO localization, or SEO transcreation for multilingual websites, blogs, or online stores from/to German or English

monswap stands for crisp German SEO copy. solutions means that I will create a unique SEO Content strategy that will further your business goals. monswap solutions embodies a can-do attitude, strategic creativity, professional collaboration – as well as measurable results.