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What SEO Stands for… A Brief Summary

As a SEO copywriter people frequently ask me: “What is SEO? And what does SEO stand for?” A complex question that I will answer shortly:

What is SEO? And what does SEO mean?

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. It is a special field within online marketing. Marketing experts use it as an umbrella term for several measures that have one goal: Your website should appear among the first search results of any related internet search.

Fast and Accurate Search Results: Thank you, SEO!

SEO is a rather complex phenomenon: it consists of approximately 1,001 different aspects. Use search engine optimization to improve your website in such a way that search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Microsoft Bing can read and analyze it as well as process the information it contains.

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These days one is constantly looking for something on the internet. What SEO stands for is definitely a better overview of the available information.

This way, a person searching for your website will find it very quickly: ideally in the top ten search results. This prospective customer then clicks on the organic search result and, thus, visits your website. There you can convince them to buy your product or service, for example through UX-Writing. So, the result of good = strategic SEO content marketing is that people will easily find your website on Google.

SEO and its role in Content Marketing

SEO is the first step in what I like to call the trinity of content marketing:

  1. SEO means that people will find your website on the internet.
  2. As soon as a visitor enters your website, you guide them to where they want to go using good microcopy: your shop, your blog, your newsletter subscription. Using UX-Writing you give this person the gift of excellent user experience.
  3. Because your blog or shop content is so brilliant, your visitors will stay on your website. In turn, this increases the probability that they will become new customers.

The bottom line is that good SEO stands for increasing your sales. Sounds smart? It is!

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