German Poetry


I lie on your sofa. Netflix is on pause. I look at you. You stand in the kitchen and I watch your silhouette from behind as you make pancakes. I see your firm hands cracking the eggs, with swift moves you make the batter. You know what you are doing. Determined. You enjoy yourself, the […]

Copywriting German SEO

What SEO Stands for… A Brief Summary

As a SEO copywriter people frequently ask me: “What is SEO? And what does SEO stand for?” A complex question that I will answer shortly: What is SEO? And what does SEO mean? SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. It is a special field within online marketing. Experts use it as an umbrella term […]

English Poetry

If I could as I would

If I could as I would I’d roam the world. Endlessly. Get entangled in it. Linger. After a while break free to keep on exploring. Always being in the moment. During breathtaking views as well as the small glimpses of real personal happiness and content that are so unexpected yet so welcome that I do […]