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4 Reasons for Hiring a Freelance SEO Copywriter

Anyone can write, right? You might think so and still wonder: Which added value do I get from professionally written SEO copy? Here are four good reasons why investing in texts written by a freelance SEO copywriter will be worth your while.

Anyone can write, right? You might think so and still wonder: Which added value do I get from working with a freelance SEO copywriter? Here are four good reasons why you should consider investing in content written by a professional SEO copywriter.

Working with a Professional SEO Copywriter – I Give you 4 Good Reasons

Imagine scrawling over a blog post, browsing a website or reading a product description in an online shop ‒ something you probably do several times per day. Initially, you are very interested in the topic. However, your enthusiasm quickly fades as your brain gets stuck in the first sentence again and again. The content is just too hard to read or worse: boring.

At this point, you probably decide to stop reading and abandon the website in question. If, for some reason, you DO manage to finish the text, you do not feel any wiser afterwards. Does this scenario sound familiar?

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Your customer and your product deserve exciting SEO content. Period.

If so, you already realize that not all content is equal. There is more to a good piece of copy than stringing along words in a grammatically correct order. No matter if we are talking about editorial content, blog posts, SEO copy, corporate copy or specialist publications.

Your customer and your product deserve exciting content. Period. And great content that people find on Google is what you get when you work with a professional SEO copywriter.

1) Professional SEO Copy Pays Off ‒ Literally

  • For hours you ‒ or your employee ‒ have been typing away on a blog post or landingpage. Simply add up your hourly wage for this task. You will probably realize very quickly that professional SEO copywriting really pays off. Because, literally, time is money. Thanks to the help of a freelance SEO copywriter, you gain time while remaining highly flexible.
  • Only if your SEO copy is both appealing and informative, will your customers enjoy reading it. And, thus, they will spend time on your page and come back for more. Boring and badly written (SEO) copy is simply a waste of money.
  • Good SEO content, however, quantifiably increases your revenue and return of investment (ROI). Especially when written by an SEO copywriter who will make sure it follows the exact goals you have set. By the way: Strategically written SEO copy can be monitored and measured in monthly SEO reports.

2) Numbers Tell the Truth: Your Customers Like SEO Copy

A study by a renowned content marketing agency shows: more than half of all internet users prefer clicking on text content. Neither images, nor video or audio content can keep up with that.

Screenshot of a study that proves: Google prefers professional text content
55.1% of all searchers prefer text content. This was confirmed in a study by US marketing agency Ignite Visibility.

High-quality and individual SEO copy attracts attention online: your website will be found on Google. After all, the quality of your online presence influences how customers perceive your company: reliable, approachable, serious…

Awkward SEO content without added value and bad usability, on the other hand, scare away your customers before they can make a purchase decision.

3) The Image Issue

We all agree: a professional appearance is good for business. This applies to meetings in person as well as to your corporate image. Reliability and competence are sexy especially on your website, on your business blog or your newsletter. Because words are often the first impression a potential customer gets of you and your product.

So, how can an SEO copywriter boost your corporate image?

You already have a Content SEO Strategy in place? Congratulations! Because your customer will immediately notice whether your corporate image is coherent. Great SEO content and usability equal perceived reliability.

A professional SEO copywriter can help you produce consistent SEO content. To do so, we take many factors into account and produce individual SEO copy tailored to your desired image.

4) Increased Value for Yourself and Your Customer

Great SEO content drives traffic to your website. Landing pages, blog posts, FAQs ‒ they can all do something for your company. Just as they do for your customers.

Benefits For Your Company:

  • When you commission a SEO content strategy, it confronts you with your company’s priorities and goals as well as your target audience and their needs. As a result, you need to question the status quo and define the relevant direction you want to take your business.
  • By doing so, you learn a lot about your target audience. This will allow you to adapt or improve your product.

Benefits For Your Customer:

  • You are an expert in your field. Which is why your customers benefit from you sharing your expertise. That added value will make your SEO content rank well on Google. Your customers look to you for help or information ‒ and in return, you lend them a helping hand through excellent SEO copy.

Choosing a Freelance SEO Copywriter: What You Need to Keep in Mind

Chosing the right SEO copywriter as a freelancer for your marketing team is a challenge. But one that is managable, if you keep a few points in mind.

When selecting a SEO copywriter, comparing freelancers is tricky. Here are a few criteria that you can consider if you want to work with a professional who produces great results:

  • Ideally, your SEO copywriter will have a solid education, such as a university degree in communication, linguistics, literature or translation.
  • Work experience in Digital Marketing or Online PR is also an important indicator. After all, SEO copywriting is so much more than just creating beautiful sentences and words. As Content Marketing professionals, they will know as much about technical details as about general marketing. Therefore, they can consult you on a smart SEO Content Strategy. And then implement it by creating well-structured SEO copy that will drive your business.
  • You can recognize a good SEO copywriting freelancer from the fact that they offer you much more than just words: Rather, they ask questions, focus on a holistic SEO approach, and offer you comprehensive Content SEO Consulting.
  • Optional: Is your company aiming for the German-speaking market? If so, a native German SEO copywriter comes in handy. Especially if they have multilingual SEO and translation experience. This way, your German content or SEO translations come from a single source which will assure a consistent quality and tone of voice.

Ask yourself: Do I want to increase my revenue online by boosting website traffic? If so, you should consider working with a multilingual German freelance SEO copywriter such as myself.

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